IV Serbian - Bulgarian Astronomical Conference
Belgrade, Serbia, 21 - 24 April 2004

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Paper edition in Publ. Astron. Soc. "Rudjer Boskovic", No. 5 (2005).


[pdf] Böhm P., Becker T., Kelz A., Roth M. M. and Verheijen M. A. W.:
3D spectrophotometry with PMAS
[pdf] Cvetkovic Z.:
European longitude network and a project for Belgrade inclusion
[pdf] Celebonovic V.:
Two simple problems in semiclassical dense matter physics
[pdf] Dacic M.:
Reduction of astrogeodetic determinations on the unique system
[pdf] Dimitrijevic M. S.:
Fullerenes and astronomy
[pdf] Getsov P. S. and Panova P. V.:
New possibilities for space research in Bulgaria
[pdf] Golev V. and Yankulova I.:
The composite Sy2/starburst compton-thin galaxy NGC 7679 = Mark 534
[pdf] Ivanov G. R.:
Star comlexes in M33
[pdf] Jankov S., Petrov R., Vakili F., Robbe-Dubois S. and Domiciano A.:
High angular resolution in modern astronomy: New insights into the stellar physics
[pdf] Kalaglarsky D.:
Web access and image processing in astrophysical databases
[pdf] Ninkovic S.:
Globular clusters - interesting stellar systems
[pdf] Tsvetkova K., Tsvetkov M., Stavrev K. Y., Borisova A., Stavinschi M.,Protic-Benisek V.:
Balkan collaboration in the archiving of wide-field photographic observations
[pdf] Urosevic D.:
Theoretical S- D relation for supernova remnants


[pdf] Benishek Vl. and Protitch-Benishek V.:
CCD observations of solar system bodies from Belgrade Astronomical Observatory
[pdf] Bukvic S., Sreckovic A. and Djenize S.:
Stark broadening parameters of three O II lines
[pdf] Damljanovic G.:
Problem of cross-identification of point sources
[pdf] Dechev M., Duchlev P., Koleva K., Kokotanekova J. and Petrov N.:
Kinematics of two eruptive prominences
[pdf] Fotev S., Georgiev N. and Chapanov Y.:
Interactive computing of the Earth rotation matrix according to IERS conventions
[pdf] Georgiev I., Veltchev T., Nedialkov P., Ovcharov E., Stanev I., Dyulgerov Ch.and Stanchev O.:
BVR photometry of the outer regions of the starburst galaxy M82
[pdf] Georgiev Ts. B. and Stanchev O. I.:
Decomposition of profiles of galaxies with convex disk shapes
[pdf] Ilic D., Stavrev K., Tsvetkova K., Tsvetkov M. and Popovic L. C.:
Spectrophotometric observations of Mrk 817: Preliminary results
[pdf] Jovanovic B. D.:
Solar activity influence to precipitations, VIII
[pdf] Jovanovic P. and Popovic L. C.:
How microlensing can contribute to QSO variability?
[pdf] Kirilova D. and Panayotova M.:
Cosmological constraints on neutrino oscillations for initially non-zero sterile state
[pdf] Kirilova D. P. and Valchanov T. V.:
Early Universe baryogenesis
[pdf] Kurtev R., Georgiev L., Dyulgerov Ch., Borissova J. and Rosado M.:
OB in Sextans A dwarf irregular galaxy
[pdf] Lukarski H. and Fotev S.:
Development and performance of DSP based 16-bit high-resolution CCD controller
[pdf] Mihajlov A. A. and Ignjatovic Lj. M.:
Ion-atom collisions at intermediate impact velocities as a new source of UV and VUV radiation
[pdf] Milosavljevic V. and Djenize S.:
Experimental total Stark shifts in the Ar I spectrum
[pdf] Olevic D. and Cvetkovic Z.:
Improved Koval'skij method and its new possibilities
[pdf] Petrov G. T., Slavcheva-Mihova L. S. and Mihov B. M.:
Surface photometry of NGC 5610 - a box/peanut structure in an intermediately inclined galaxy
[pdf] Popovic L. C., Dimitrijevic M. S., Bon E. and Dacic M.:
The flux ratio of[OIII]ll4959,5007 lines in Sy2: Comparison with theoretical calculations
[pdf] Popovic L. C., Stavrev K., Tsvetkova K., Tsvetkov M., Ilic D., Sanchez S. F.,Richter G. and Böhm P.:
Observations of AGNs with the 2m telescope of Rozhen observatory: Aims and preliminary results
[pdf] Popovic N., Simicic M., Nikolic-Bujanovic Lj., Borka V., Radenkovic A. and Dimitrijevic M. S.:
Water in astronomy and plasma physics and a project for related research
[pdf] Simic S., Popovic L. C. and Andersen M. I.:
Temporal variability of the GRB light curve
[pdf] Simic Z., Dimitrijevic M. S. and Popovic L. C.:
On the Stark broadening of F III spectral lines
[pdf] Simic Z., Dimitrijevic M. S. and Sahal-Bréchot S.:
On the Stark broadening of Cd I lines
[pdf] Sreckovic A., Bukvic S., Djenize S. and Dimitrijevic M. S.:
On the experimental and theoretical investigations of F II Stark broadening
[pdf] Stanchev O. I., Nedialkov P., Georgiev Ts. and Georgiev I.:
Calibration of diameter-HI line width relation for edge-on spiral galaxies
[pdf] Tomic A. S. and Koruga Dj.:
Baricentric motion of the Sun
[pdf] Tsvetkov M., Balázs L. G., Frontó A., Kelemen J., Holl A., Stavrev K. Y.,Tsvetkova K., Borisova A., Kalaglarsky D. and Bogdanovski R.:
Konkoly wide-field plate archive
[pdf] Tsvetkov M., Tsvetkova K., Borisova A., Kalaglarsky D., Bogdanovski R.,Heber U., Bues I., Drechsel H. and Knigge R.:
Bamberg southern photographic patrol survey: incorporation in the WFPDB
[pdf] Tsvetkov M., Tsvetkova K., Stavrev K. Y., Richter G. M., Böhm P. and Staubermann K.:
Archiving of the Potsdam wide-field photographic observations